Why are cats associated with witchcraft?

cats associated with witchcraft
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Cats are well-known and loved pets over the whole world. Cats are living almost in each house, often become real family members. In each culture, cats are closely associated with good luck and prosperity, with woe and, of course, some times also cats associated with witchcraft. In fairy tales cat become a reliable companion of each true witch and live in a mystical world. However, what do you really know about cats?

Our history is the way to understand

During the ancient Egypt period, cats were honored as sacred animals. The Sun God Ra was immortalized on Pyramid’s and other temple’s walls like a cat. The cat was a marriage patron and was associated with a Moon Goddess.

Celts believe that long time ago these mystical animals where humans, that were punished because of evil deeds and turned into cats.

Especially strongly and in a negative way cats associated with witchcraft in medieval Europe, during the “Reign of Terror” period. From the religion history pages of the North France we can get to know about the “Cat Wednesday” in the city of Metz, where hundreds cats were burnt in the reason for being disguised witches. In XVI-XVIII centuries thousands cats, lived in Great Britain, Germany and France, were tortured with their unfortunate humans, before buried alive or being burnt.

In addition, from the England history, we could get in touch with Charles I of England life, who believed that his cat was brought him luck and well-being. However,after cat death, he said that he would never happy again. After one day have passed,Cromwell’s persons arrested Charles I of England. Few month later, he was put to death.

All these mythical historical lines build in our modern minds association with a witchcraft.We used to believe that cats associated with witchcraft and these cats are a part of witch spell, because each magician or witch had a cat, specially the black cats. That is a whole different story, people think black cats are sign of bad luck.  So we saying that as each magician or witch had a cat companion that serves like a guide between the World of Living and Death.

How cats effect on people’s life today

Time has passed but still we do believe that cats associated with witchcraft and cats bring in their hearts small parts of a mythical world by helping us, protecting from a misfortune, or harming people in a different ways. In our modern hi-tech world, cats still could forecast visitors to our home, can tell us about the weather, treat our physical and psychological pain, and defend us from negative occasions. We still believe in signs, and cat’s independence convince us that these animals have something mythical in their eyes.

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