Top Five easy to adopt Cats

easy to adopt catsWhile adopting a cat is a relatively easy process, it gets a lot harder as soon as you realize how hard it is to choose the breed that would be perfect for you and your family. After all, you probably wouldn’t want to live with a cat who is unsociable and selfish. If you need any help, here’s my choice of easy to adopt cats breeds that will most likely fit just fine:


The first on the easy to adopt Cats is Abyssinian. Those beautiful, athletic cats with large ears are made for those who can’t decide between a cat and a dog. Abyssinian cats have endearing personalities, with their readiness to play and constant searching for something to do. “Abys” will easily find their place in your family and make everyone fall in love with them.

Maine Coon

Maine coon is a cat of unique appearance, with incredible, long hair and lovely muzzle. It’s extremely sociable, showing a daily need for grooming and playing. Be careful though! Maine coon cats will become attached to you so quickly, you won’t be able to leave it alone even for few days. As a bonus, it can easily get used to other pets, that is why we add this in our top 5 list of easy to adopt Cats.

British Short-hair

This fine looking cat is incredibly easy to take care of and it is pretty unlikely it will have any health issues. British Short hair has a personality of a true hunter – which means it is very easy to adopt Cats, it will be in for never ending play with your kids. It will bring cheerfulness into your home and life. You could also try American Short-hair which has similar qualities.


Rag doll is  a very special cat which will just love to be in your or your kids’ arms. Rag doll is very lovely and easy to adopt Cat. It won’t run away every time you want to groom or carry him. And with it’s lovely, longish fur it will be a pleasure to just touch his hair.


The last one in our easy to adopt Cats list is Siamese. This extremely elegant, athletic cat should do fine in every household. It will gratefully take all the caressing you can offer and at the same time have plenty of energy to play. It will most likely find one person in your family and get especially close to him. It’s popular to get to Siamese cats at once

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