Things you must know about Munchkin Cat

munchkin catNow, the simple truth is that there are lots of controversies surrounding the Munchkin cat. This stems from its origin, acceptability, and many other things. The Munchkin cat is seen as being relatively new, while many people are very willing to trace the history of the cat to many generations past. It is seen as a new breed of cat that is mainly characterized by the short legs it comes with. And the short legged nature of the cat is brought about by a sort of genetic mutation that occurs naturally. However, the name Munchkin cat was derived from the Munchkin doughnut, and this was given to the cat due to its dwarf legged nature.

History of Munchkin cat

However, studies have shown that these cats have been in existence for a very long time. Their existence dates to 1941. However, history has it that these first short legged cats disappeared during the Second World War, only to be noticed again in Russia in 1956 and was branded “Stalingrad Kangaroo cat”. Latter in 1970s, they resurfaced again in the US. History then has it that the modern Munchkin descended from the kindness of a music teacher in Louisiana. She saw these pregnant cats being chased by a dog, rescued the cats and kept one and named her Blackberry. She was later delivered of kittens with half of them coming with dwarf legs. She gave the male to a friend who named it Toulouse. It is Blackberry and Toulouse that breeds all modern Munchkins cat.

It was in 1991 that these short legged cats were then presented to the public after being approved by all the relevant bodies.  The Munchkin under normal circumstances comes with the characteristics of being sweet-natured. They are very playful and like to be with people. Studies have also shown that they are very intelligent and outgoing.

Features of Munchkin cat

Other things you need to know about munchkins is that they are endowed with all the other characteristics present in other domestic cats.  They are small and medium sized, with the moderate body build, and a plush coat that can be described as medium. When it comes to their weight, the normal male munchkin weighs about 6-9 pounds, while the female ones weigh about 4- 8 pounds. Other characteristics that they have are that the hind legs have a size that is a little bit higher than the front legs, and this makes them rise a bit from the shoulder. The Munchkin also has the characteristic of coming in very different hair colors and patterns. There are also some Munchkins that come with long hairs, while others come with short hairs.

Health Issues

Now, other news about the munchkin is that when they were newly developed, there was this speculation that they will develop some spinal cord problems in the long run, as has been dominant in most of the short legged animals like the dogs. But around 1995 when most of the earlier Munchkins have grown old, they were x-rayed and thoroughly examined in search of any threats of bone and join problems, but none was discovered. This gave more impetus to the breeders of the piece. However, amidst all these, some traits were still found in these Munchkins. One of these is Lordosis which means an excessive curvature of the spine and the problem of hallowed chest, which is known as pectus excavatum. These are present in many breeds, though some of the breeders have denied them as being a problem. However, the achondroplasia that causes this genetic mutation in the cats has not been directly linked with that found in humans.

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