Things you must know about Aegean cat

Aegean catStraight from the Cycladic Islands of Greece, Aegean cat is a domestic land race that has yet to be acknowledged by any international breeding organization. It hardly matters though when you are faced with such loveable creatures – just ask Greeks who are enchanted by their local breed. Their history is so long it’s hard to really trace their origins. Few were domesticated as early as Aegean cats. Many of them are stray, wandering by the Aegean sea. But since 1990s there are also local Greek organizations that officially breed and sell them.

What does Aegean cat look like?

Cats of this breed are medium-sized, proportional and strong. Their fur is semi-long and has two or three colors, with one of them always being white. It can be tabby striped or not, coming in multiple colors like brown, red, black or grey. Aegan cats have green eyes and not too big, slightly rounded ears.

Behavior of an Aegean cat

There’s one thing that Aegean cat really loves and it’s the sea. You can meet him in the port, asking for fish or you can see him hunting for it on his own. Those cats are independent and perfectly capable of taking care of themselves. You are unlikely to make Aegan cat do what you want and it probably won’t be often that you will see your Aegean sleeping on your knees or asking to stroke his fur.

Reasons to have (or not) the Aegean cat

The Aegean cat will be a great pet for anyone who doesn’t have much time to take care of it and at the same time doesn’t need a cat that will be one hundred percent devoted to him. Aegan cat should be alright for someone who’s coming home late. However, if you would like to buy a cat for your kids, they will probably end up disappointed because it’s too self-contained to satisfy them. It’s also a bad pick for those who need their cat to be stylish and original. Even though Aegean cats are cute looking, it’s also the appearance of a regular cat you could meet on the street.

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