The Abyssinian cat is one of the Easier Breeds to Own

Abyssinian catAbyssinian cats are believed to originate from Ethiopia in the 1860’s, and this breed is one of the oldest cat breeds in the world. This breed was officially recognized in 1882 and is now an incredibly popular choice all over the world. They are highly intelligent, refined, and have a pleasant nature, which is appealing to first time owners.
The Abyssinian cat breed is curious, and will get into trouble easily if left to their own devices. They are incredibly inquisitive, and want to play with everything, and anyone that is near them at any given time. They look elegant with their well developed muscles, round faces, and medium body length which is appealing to the eye.

Appearance of Abyssinian cat

With almond shaped eyes that are typically amber, green or hazel. The Abyssinian cat has a magical gaze. They have long tails, and delicate bone structure, alongside small paws and alert ears. Today their coloring is varied, and you will find cats with cinnamon, fawn, chocolate and red fur. These cats are often used for showing as they have distinctive markings, and a natural poise.

Health Issues

Health issues are limited with the Abyssinian cat, and they rarely suffer with anything serious. Occasionally blindness will be inherited through retinal atrophy, and they need their teeth brushing due to gingivitis. Other than that they do not need grooming, or any expensive treatments, ensuring that they are an affordable breed to own.

Abyssinian cat is friendly

If you are searching for an easy to manage cat, which is playful, intelligent, and extroverted then this breed is perfect. They are typically not lap cats, and prefer to be running around than being petted and fussed over by the owner. Some of these cats are incredibly shy, and they will only approach people when they feel comfortable.

Although they are considered to be independent, the Abyssinian cat will become depressed if they do not receive human interaction and affection. However, it needs to be on their terms, and when they want it to suit their mood. They do not take unnecessary risks, but they love exploring and can often be found is difficult situations.

You can leave this cat for hours playing with one ball as they are fascinated with toys, and love anything that moves. They are excellent hunters, and will proudly bring you what they have caught for you. With so many excellent reasons, and not that many health issues, it is no surprise that this breed is so popular.

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