Teacup kittens / miniature cats

miniature catsNow, the simple truth is that most things appeal to people due to their sizes. This is the only reason why we are talking about miniature cats, and it is a perfect example of cases where defects have turned people or things into celebrities.  Many people are thrilled by the small sized nature of some animals, and because of this, they go ahead to develop great emotional attachments to these because of how beautiful they are.

Miniature cats

Miniature cats are simply cats that come in very small sizes. They look so beautiful because of the size. They are simply products of some genetic defects and growth deficiency. This causes natural cats to experience some level of stunted growth, and which makes them not to grow up to the size of the normal cat. Others are developed through some process of selective breeding or crossing that involves breeding cats of similar traits together. The result of this is that they produce very small sized cats, and because of the traits inherent in them, when such cats met with similar cats, they give birth to yet same sized off springs.

All Small size Cats are not Miniature cats

Now, there is this deceptive concept due to the name that all the cats that come with very small sizes are miniature cats. It is really not all petite sized cats that are miniature cats. There are three main types of cats that are breed in this way, and they are divided into the dwarf cats, miniature cats and then the teacup kittens. One characteristic that is present in all these is the sizes. Now, due to the size and beauty of these miniature cats, they have become a very popular household name in the developed nations. People use them as pets, home companions and pest killers.

Teacup cats

Teacup cats are cats that are not of the normal dwarfed breed that have their small sizes caused because of their shorts legs. These have the smallness of their size spread all over their body, due to some genetic, environmental and hormonal reasons. They are smaller than the normal miniature cats. Though these are bred with genetic mutation and progressive downsizing, there are also some that are falsely made to be smaller through early birth and severe emaciation, and these are the fake teacup cats.

Features of Miniature cats

The normal size of a miniature cat ranges from 5-12 lbs. However, it is not all cats that have this size that are miniature. But all might be sold under the name of miniature cats. They have the characteristics if being very friendly both to the owner and visitors. They do not come with pungent odors, and are endowed with the ability to take care of things under their disposal, meaning they do not come with destructive tendencies. But, when it comes to the issues of pests, they can be very aggressive since they do not like seeing them around. One other thing is that miniature cats might not find it favorable when you have them in the house with either fellow miniature cats of small cats of other breeds. They might go aggressive on these. This same behavior might be geared towards other pets or other animals in your house.

The breeders of these cats charge huge amounts of money these days to make them available to people, and in most cases there are restrictions to the people and environment they are sold to.

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