The Sphynx cat

sphynx catThe Sphynx cat is a very unconventionally looking one as it doesn’t have any coat. The breed is a result of both natural and stimulated mutation. First Sphynx cats were produced in 1960s, in Toronto, however their breeders faced a lot of problems because of the limited genetic pool and multiple health issues that kittens were exposed to. The successful development of Sphynx cats could only happen thanks to extensive research and special precautions being taken.

The appearance of Sphynx cat

Sphynx cats look pretty similar to those of Devon Rex breed – and their hairlessness is caused by an allele of the same gene. It’s worth noting that they are not always absolutely hairless. Many of them are covered with short hair on certain parts of their bodies. Sphynx cat are medium sized, have wrinkling skin, wide-open eyes and really huge ears.

What kind of care does Sphynx cat need?

Because of their hairlessness, cats of this breed require more commitment on your part. You have to be prepared for the following things:

  • providing them with many warm spots or cat clothing. Imagine yourself running around naked in the middle of the winter. Even in your flat, it could be too cold. And same goes for your hairless cat.
  • Bathing them at least once a week.
  • Cleaning their ears and nails.
  • Making sure the cat food you give them is of highest quality.
  • Taking them to regular medical check-ups (it’s even more important than with other cats as there are more health issues).
  • Cleaning the brown spots they will leave all over your house.


Should you buy one?

Certainly, Sphynx cats are not for everyone. They won’t be happy with busy people, who go out a lot and can’t show them that they are needed and loved. Sphynx cats are also pretty difficult to take care of, as the list above shows. But if you are prepared for all of this and you would like to have a pet that is original, funny and devoted – Sphynx should be a wonderful breed for you and your household. And Sphynx cat will certainly find it’s place among other cats or dogs that you keep.

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