The Oriental cat

oriental cat shorthairIf you would like to give your life an exotic touch, the Oriental cat might be a pet for you. Where did it come from? It has it’s origins in the Siamese breed. When cats from Siam (now Thailand) spread in Europe, the gene that causes pointed color started to regress. Eventually, in 1970s, the ones that didn’t have it (until then called “foreign shorthairs”) were acknowledged as an actual breed and called Oriental Shorthairs.

What about the appearance of an Oriental cat?

It generally looks like a Siamese cat but can have multiple colors and patterns. It is sleek and slim, while remaining quite muscular and looking outstandingly stylish at all times. Being a medium-sized cat, Oriental cat weights between 5 and 10 pounds. It’s fur is short and shiny, plus it has a characteristic long tail and big, protruding ears.

What kind of personality does an Oriental cat have?

This breed is considered to be extremely clever and curious. Oriental cats will look into every closet and purse to check if they hide something for them. Oriental cat also require quite a lot of attention, wanting to take part in everything you do. However, if you treat them nicely, they will give it back, showing their devotion. What’s more, they are rather noisy – you’ll certainly hear their meows. And they have more surprises waiting for you. For example, you won’t believe how high Oriental cat can jump or climb and how playful they remain even as they begin to age.

Should you buy an Oriental cat?

While Oriental cat is a very fine cat breed, you need to consider his individuality and decide whether there’s a place for such pet in your life. Even if Oriental cat doesn’t need any special care – just basic stuff like scratching posts – it does ask for a large part of your time. If you work late or like to go out, you should probably think about choosing different breed. Since Oriental cats are also pretty active, they won’t fit well with aging people who won’t be able to play with them and can find their personality tiring. On the other hand, the same traits make them a perfect company for your kids. Oriental cat are also friendly towards other pets, in case you already own any.

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