Brief History of Internet sensation ‘Grumpy Cat’

Grumpy CatWhen my friend first heard about the grumpy cat, the first thing she told me was that this is obviously one of the weirdest things she has heard. And what is this? Does it mean that a cat can actually turn grumpy and become a celebrity because of that? The grumpy cat is one normal cat that was born on the 4th of April 2012. Probably the most popular celebrity cat in the recent years, this cat is female and was named Tardar Sauce at birth. But it gained international and online prominence due to its unique characteristic of a grumpy looking face. Which the owner later explained is due to yet another feline dwarfism.

But the prominence and fame came when the brother to the owner of this cat posted an image of the cat showing its grumpy facial expression in full on Reddit with the caption “The Official Grumpy Cat”.  The image later spread to Facebook, and many other internet social media networking sites, garnering millions of likes and comments.  The other highlights later came when this cat was featured in the front page of the famous wall street journal. And as if this is not enough, the cat yet featured again in the front page of the New York journal.

History of the grumpy cat

The history of the grumpy cat is that it was born the normal way other cats are born to normal parents. This female cat was born alongside a brother, and they come with the normal flat face that other cats have. They also have the normal blue eyes, and short tail. But, when it comes to the size, the grumpy has smaller size and the hind legs are different from that of the brother and other cats. But while explaining about the cat, the owner normally says that the grumpy face that Tardar Sauce has is a very big irony. This is because according to him, it is Pokey the brother to Tardar who actually has a grumpy personality and not actually Tardar. Tardar as a person is nice and very calm. It is said that 99% of the times, this cat with a very significantly grumpy face stays normal.

Celebrity Appearances

With the celebrity status of the cat, it only takes one photo session each week. It is sparingly handled by strangers and appears as the grumpy cat only about 2 hours of each day.

The grumpy cat has a manager by name Ben Lashes. He also represents many other cats, but had to take a leave to manage grumpy. He is in charge of its Facebook, YouTube and Twitter accounts. This cat was licensed in 2013, with the official trademark secured.

Other celebrity appearances by the grumpy cat include SXSW Interactive, where CNN, CBS, and CNET described it as obviously and unarguably the “biggest star” of the show. It also appeared on the Friskies YouTube game show, Today, Good Morning America, Anderson live, CBS evening news and many others.  It is reported that it flies first class, stays on a king sized bed, and has a personal assistant and a chauffeur with enough food and bottled water.

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