Five things I hate most about cats

five thing i hate most about cats

Yes, as much as cats are one of the loveliest creatures, you can never negate the fact that there are many things you will obviously hate about them. There are some behaviors that will put you off some times, and some obligations you will not be ready to fulfill about and for them. However, I am not making these comparisons with any other pets, I am just pointing out the things I hate about cats.

#1: The first of this is the meowing of the cats. Yes, I like the beautiful nature of the cats, and their fine colored furs. But, I definitely do not like the sound they make. The meowing of cats obviously resembles some horror movies demonic anthem, and it makes me sick when it does this to break a very long silence. When this happens, I am always like, shut up you witch.

#2: Another thing I hate about cats is the color of the eyes at night. Yes, when I was 25, I had a little cousin who was 10, and she was so fond of me, likewise me. Now, she never likes the color that radiates from the eyes of the cat at night, and this will always make her cry. But, because my mama was trying to keep the pests and bugs out of our house, she always comes with the cats. This kept my cousin sad and unhappy for several days till the whole house prevailed on mum to send that thing away.

#3: The next reason is that this cat has the penchant for urinating on my bed. Now, as a kid, you will never tell me that you never did that piss thing on your foam. Still because of the fact that my mum likes to keep the pests and bugs out of our house, she was always bringing cats when I was a kid. Now, she brought one black cat and this knew exactly that I never liked it, and it decided to punish me. While mum was trying to stop us from pissing on the bed at that age, this cat was always doing it and making mum believe I was the one who did it. This makes me to hit it with a little stone one afternoon, and this got the leg dislocated.

#4: Another thing I hates so much about the cat is the concept of covering its smelly feces. Yes, when the dog does its own, you can see it and avoid it. But this covers its own in a very stupid way, even though it thinks it is doing wonders with that. I was fond of playing on sand, and one afternoon I wanted to play one of the games of house building with sand in my compound, only to start collecting the sands and notice that I am collecting the cats feces covered with sand. I wept and cursed the little thing.

#5: Another thing I hate about this is the fact that they are not predictable. Yes, when you are with the dog, you are completely sure and even predictive of what the next action will be. But this thing has the ability to hide every feeling only to explode with the saliva coming right in your face. One of these unpredictable actions is running inside the bush in the middle of the night only for mama to call me up to go in search of the poor thing.

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  • Ruby Golay says:

    It sounds to me that you hate cats in general. May I suggest that you find a loving home for your cat and if you still want a pet, get a dog, some fish, or maybe a parakeet?


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