Five common cat skin problems

Cat skin problems

cat skin problemsOf course, because of the fact that cats amaze us partially because of the sweet skin they come with, we are also appalled when the skin goes sore. When a cat is having a skin problem that is very noticeable, cat skin problems can be one of the most disgusting things you can ever witness. There are numerous cat skin problems or infections and problems that cats suffer. But, we are going to give you a rundown of the most common five cat skin problems.

1. Sunburn

The number one of cat skin problems or diseases is the sunburn. Just as we have been experiencing the heating of the layer and the environment becoming hotter and hotter, the skin burn as a disease has over taken other diseases to become the most suffered skin disease in humans. This same thing is witnessed in our cats at home. Of course, the cats will always like to be under the shades, but majority of the time, they prefer to run around under the sun.  Cats that have light skins and those that do not have hairs are the ones prone to suffer this more than others. The sphinx and other cats that have high probability to contact sunburn should be removed from the direct sunlight, especially from 12 am to 2pm. This will reduce the susceptibility, and also avoid skin cancers.

2. Ringworm

The next skin disease is the ringworm. This is a very general disease. In most occasions, the cats contact this from other animals. This is the reason why we must watch their interactions. Ringworms cause round patches without any hair and some ring at the center. Some cats will also experience loss of hair in the face. However, this is also contacted by staying in dirty environment. To treat this, you have to use antifungal medications since it is of the fungi family.


The next cat skin problem is the abscess. This is mostly due to prior wounds. It is pus that collects where the cat has previously experienced a bite or other wounds. When your cat has this, it will swell up and get soft, only to explode and give out some discharge. They are normally found on the back or abdomen of the cats, as they are results of a fight. But some cats of dog might also bite them at the face or tail.  Now, if you want to avid your cat from having an abscess, perhaps the best thing to do is to avoid those wounds that lead to this. This might involve not allowing the cats to go out and get in any fights.

4. Ear mites

There was an argument someday about this being the most common of all cat skin diseases. But the reason for this is that one man who is African told a story that this is the most prevalent of all cat diseases in his country and it is so noticeable because flies will always gather around the wound. However, this might occur inside the ear canal, and will make the cat to be shaking and scratching the ear. It itches and irritates the cat, and might lead to other severe infections if not treated. Just clean the ear with some cotton wool and apply the ear drops that contain the right chemicals that will kill the mites.

5.Contact Dermatitis

This cat skin problem or disease is one that can be avoided easily. This is because it is caused when a strong substance or chemical touches the body of the cat. When this happens, the affected area will turn red with bumps, and will go itchy. Other things that might cause this disease include severe contact with plastic dishes or rubber eating materials. This is the reason why you are also advised to always feed cats with glasses, ceramics or stainless.

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