Dwarf cats are so cute

dwarf catsWhen you talk about subjects that has been duplicated in so many ways, one thing you must do if you are intelligent enough is to find a differentiating factor among all the seemingly similar topics. The concept of dwarf cats, miniature cats and teacup cats have brought about a lot of confusion to many people, especially those who are not in the cat business and it will be very good for us to differentiate these.

Dwarf cats are original

One thing you have to bear in mind is that dwarf cats are original. Dwarf cats simple means those domestic breeds of cats that are endowed with the condition of dwarfism through and only through natural genetic mutation. When we talk about natural genetic mutation here, we mean this in two different angles. The number one of this is through some growth defects or natural causes that make these cats to come with stunted growth that normally present them with short dwarf legs. These are called chondrodysplastic dwarf cat. And in essence, they are the original dwarf cats. However, there is another type of natural mutation in vogue, and here it entails the crossbreeding of cats of petite cats of similar size or small sized cats in a process of selective breeding. The simple effect of this is that it continues to produce smaller and smaller sized cats.  Here, the smallest individuals from each generation are bred together to insure a progressive downsizing of the breed. Dwarf cats of this specification include Teacup and Toy Persians.

However, as much as you might get other smaller cats that are petite in size but without dwarf legs adulterated, you cannot get fake dwarf cats. The act of using too early birth and severe emaciation to produce excessively small sized cats is only limited to the other species of petite cats, and cannot be used to produce dwarf cats with dwarf legs.

Breeds of dwarf cat

One other thing to note is that there are several breeders of dwarf cats out there, especially when you come to the US. Though they are prohibited under many animal laws in the UK and many other European countries, the highest breeder of dwarf cats named Munchkin have succeeded in the use of their breed to cross several cats of normal size and proportion, to produce an avalanche of dwarf cats of different specifications.

The most popular cross breed that has produced the well known chondrodysplastic called the Dwelf is a result of crossing the Munchkin with the American curl. Others include the bambino, which comes from a cross breed of the Munchkin and the Sphinx cat. The Napoleon results from crossing the Munchkin and the Persian cat, etc. Others include the Skookum, Lambkin, Genetta, Minskin, etc.

It is also good to note that when the dwarf cats are faked by breeding them through the use of emaciation and too early birth, they normally come with some health defects and diseases that might be very detrimental to the owners and the cats in question. This is why it is advised that you have a good check before you buy any cat at all. Apart from using these dwarf cats as pets and for hunting down pets, there are no known advantages or uses.

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