Birman Cat Breed

birman-cat-breed-photosThe Birman is a popular cat breed used for domestic purposes. It’s also referred to as the Sacred Cat of Burma.

Brief History

Actually, the origin of the Birman breed is not all that clear. However, a popular historical legend maintains that the breed has its origin in Burma where temple priests domesticated several cats belonging to the Birman family. There are also several stories about how the Birman came into the French world. One story says the cat breed was smuggled from Burma to France. There were traces of Birmans found in the French city of Nice.
In any case, the Birmans were nearly wiped off during the Second World War except that two of the cats were spared. After the World War II, the two remaining Birmans were crossbred with the Persian, Siamese and other long-hair breeds. This helped in rebuilding the former Birman breed. Later on in early 1950s, several Birman litters were produced. The British government recognized the breed in 1965. Other cat breed associations also recognized it. This led to the multiplication of the Birman breed across the globe.

Basic Physical Characteristics


  • The Birman cat has deep blue eyes, medium-long hair and pale colored body with dark points. It also has paws with white gloves.
  • Most Birmans do have silky hair, small ears, Roman noses and semi-cobby bodies.
  • The cats showcase in unique colors such as gold and eggshell. They also have unique markings which can be in several colors such as red, cream, lilac, blue and chocolate.
  • The breed’s coat is quite unusual due to the white gloves on each of the paw.
  • All Birman kittens are usually born white. They start developing colors from the 1st to 2nd week. Their full colors showcase after 2 years.

The Pros

The Birman cats are very beautiful in appearance. They showcase in diverse color patterns. They are very easy to groom. They are suitable for indoor living. They make good companions at home. They are always very happy to see human beings. They are also playful pets for kids. The cats are usually very intelligent, charming, curious, and intuitive.

The Cons

So far, there are no too much negative aspects about the Birman cats. However, you still need to keep an eye on them while having them at home.

In all, the Birman cat breed is a good option for all cat lovers. You can always be happy the cat at home.

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