Asian Semi-longhair cat relatively new but awesome cat breed

asian semi-longhair catAsian Semi-longhair cat, also called Tiffanies, are a relatively young breed that was developed in Great Britain in 1980s. It’s a cross between a long-haired cat and a Burmese, which makes it a lot alike Burmilla cats. It’s worth noting that Asian semi-longhairs are a relatively rare breed.

 The look of Asian Semi-longhair cat

Asian Semi-longhair cat are usually solid-colored. They are medium-sized, strong cats with slim legs, rounded head and big, green or blue eyes. Their body hardly has any fat on it. It’s generally pretty similar to both Asian Shorthair cat and Burmese, with the biggest distinction being their hair length.

Faultless personality

Asian Semi-longair cat is a lovable lap cat which also has a playful twist to it’s character. It demands quite a lot of attention but in turn it’s very sociable even towards guests who it’s unfamiliar with. It has a loud voice. Asian Semi-longair cat is also an extremely curious cat who will wander around your house, searching for treasures in your wardrobes and boxes. Be sure to provide it with enough plants to explore, as it’s especially fond of them. Asian Semi-longhair cat can spend hours on your windowsill, checking every leaf and flower.

 Hard to find any downsides

Asian Semi-longhair cat will fit well in every living space. There’s only one condition – the house or apartment it is living in must be quiet, as it really hates noises from the street. Apart from that, it doesn’t require any special care. It only needs regular brushing and treating it with enough affection. It’s also unlikely to have any health problems and Asian Semi-longhair cat usually lives a long and cheerful life. It will be a perfect company for your kid, who is sure to get attached to such a fantastic, fun loving creature. It’s a pity that this breed is somewhat uncommon but if you look well enough, you will certainly find yourself a cute Asian Semi-longhair cat. But don’t forget – if you don’t have lots of time to spend with this amazing cat, you should definitely look for another breed.

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