Why I need a cat?

Why I need a catSo here we are discussing Why I need a cat? Cats are amazing animals. Seems like cats came to our world from country of fantasy to make us better and more humane, teach us to help and empathize each other. There are two kind of people: ailurophiles and dog-lovers. However, if you are a real dog-lover,you will agree that cat’s hide mind, grace and perceptive cast a spell on people minds, returning their hearts to the cat’s side. Therefore, if you do not like cats, means that you do not know them well.

Why I need a cat? Sometimes you could ask this question if you have a big family or you are single, if you are young or old, if you are homester or active person. So let us show you why you need a cat.

Important reasons for why I need a cat

  • Having a cat, you do not need to get up early in the morning and go for a walk with it.
  • Cat will not chew your favorite latest collection shoes.
  • Cat eats not much food so it is a good reason to save money.
  • Cat do not need much care and attention.
  • Cat is an independent animal, so if you are busy it will find a way to play with himself.
  • Cat always feels when you are upset or unhappy; it will always come to your hands and calm you.
  • Cat will always help you to do your homework, especially if you need to put something in boxes.
  • It is does not matter are you rich or poor – cat will love you anyway and forever.
  • Having a cat, you will always be calm. Cat will always help you to deal with stress and troubles.
  • Cat will always wait for you from work.
  • Cats can forecast harmful events protecting people from them.

So you can see that cats are our real friends – they do not need a fortune, they will always be there for us. They are independent and kind, they are unselfish and at the same time, they are tricky. Each cat like people has its own character and particularity, which makes us like them so much.

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