Why do cats stare at us

cats stare at usIf you live with a cat or cats, sometimes you can find cats stare at you studying. Cat’s eyes display its soul. It means that everything that is happening in cat’s thoughts, you could see and understand from its eyes. If you want to know, what cat is thinking at the particular time, just look at its eyes. Try to analyze cat’s feelings.

So what exactly is happening, while cats stare at us?

If cat is looking at you about 3-4 seconds, blinks and then turns its head to other side (opposite to you) it means that cat recognizes you but not ready to communicate. It looks exactly like people on the street who say “Hello” to each other by slightly waving their heads.

If your cats stare at you long time, it means that cat feels threat. It is also common to a people world, when someone in the street starts to look at you, studying. However, to know exactly what you cat is thinking about staring at you; analyze its body language as well.

From the other side, when cats stare at you gently and feels itself calm and peaceful without any aggressive sights, it means this cat knows that you are a friend and likes you.

Try to analyze cat’s body language

Anyway, in both cases, you should analyze what cat is doing with its ears, its tail and coat as well. Also, try to analyze cat’s eye pupils. The large eye’s pupils will always tell us about danger, otherwise cat feels itself calm and friendly.Therefore,as we said before, in different cases cat’s staring can tell us about different cat’s attitude to peoples or other animals near to it. Cats staring could tell us about something good or bad. However, to know exactly your cat’s way of thinking, you should analyze other cat’s sights: its ears position, eye’s pupils, its tail status and other important factors.

Analyzing your cat’s behavior will help you to understand your pet easily, making you real friends, who could understand each other at once.


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