Black Cat Why people think it means Bad Luck

black cat breedThe black cat is often associated with bad luck. This has been an age-long myth believed by many people across the globe. If a black cat happens to cross your way, it simply means back luck for you. Many people have continued to hold this belief across the globe. This has also affected the breeding of black cats. Most cat breeders don’t produced black cats. The best they can do is to crossbreed cats in diverse colors. The issue of black cat being regarded as bad luck has been age-long tradition or myth in several cultures. Let’s examine some details or facts behind the myth by taking a look at the black cat and several beliefs surrounding the animal.

The Black Cat and its Features

The Black cat is not a specific breed in the cat family. It’s often a mixed breed. It’s a feline with black fur. It often showcases in diverse sizes. Some black cats are big while others look tiny or small. One of the most popular kinds of black cats is known as the Bombay. Its body is completely black. It can be a male or female cat. It usually has piercing golden eyes.

Superstitious Beliefs about Black Cat

There are several superstitious beliefs concerning the black cat in many cultures across the globe. In some cultures, black cats are associated with good luck while in some other cultures; they are considered as bad luck. There are also several myths and folklore about the black cat all over the world. Let’s pinpoint some of them.

Black Cat seen as Good Luck

  • In Great Britain, black cats are associated with good luck. They are often given tokens to brides during traditional wedding ceremony.
  • In Scotland, the arrival of a strange black cat in a home is often seen as a sign of impending prosperity.
  • In Japan, black cat is seen as good luck. A lady that owns such a cat is likely going to attract several suitors.

Black Cat seen as Bad Luck

  • In western history, a black cat is seen as ill omen. It’s often seen as being part of the witch or wizard kingdom. This is usually the case in most Southern and Western European cultures. In such cultures, the black cat is often regarded as a symbol of bad luck especially when it crosses someone’s path. It’s seen as a sign of impending doom, death or misfortune.
  • In Germany, most people believe that once a black cat crosses from your left to right, it’s simply a big sign of ill omen. However, if the cat crosses from your right to left, it’s simply a sign of favor or good tidings.
  • The black cat is also considered as bad luck in the western casino or gambling niche. If you’re traveling to a casino and suddenly a black cat crosses your way, you’ll lose all your game that very day. Most players refused to gamble once they see black cats crossing their way as they travel to casino.
  • Black cats are often seen as agents of demons, Satan, witches and wizard in several regions across the globe. Such cats are said to be having deadly supernatural powers.

Why People See Black Cat as Bad Luck

From the expositions above, it’s very clear that black cat has always been seen as back luck in various cultures. There are possible reasons for this belief. Here are some points to note:

  • The black color is often associated with ill omen. Hence, black cats are considered as signs of bad luck or bad omen because of their black colors. They usually appear ugly anywhere they are seen.
  • Evil and witchcraft are often painted in black. The Devil or Satan is always painted in black. Hence, black cats are equally associated with such ugly phenomena.

Finally, superstitious beliefs are usually part of every culture across the world. People tend to believe what they hear from their parents and superiors. Hence, in cultures where black cats are seen as bad luck, people have no choice other than to believe what they are told about the cats.

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