Top Five Cat Petting Protocols

Cat Petting ProtocolsIn order to make your kitty happy and satisfied, we would recommend you to pet it in a specific way. Cat differs from other animals. They have other needs and wishes. If you have decided to have a cat, we will recommend you not just to like it but to respect it as well. Here are main Cat Petting Protocols that you need to know to pet your cat correctly.

Cat is not a dog

The first rule of Cat Petting Protocols is that, you should remember that your cat is not a dog. It will not bring you stuff. Bringing some stuff for dog looks like a play. The aim is to bring a toy and to get praise from its person. However, for cat each game seems like a chasing. During its play cat is chasing for small rope mice and ribbons. When the dog plays, it feels relaxed and airily, however the cat has to be self-collected and serious. In that case, your play could end with scratches.

You could do with cat just things that it likes

We know that cats are independent animals and there are small hunters in their hearts. Therefore,some cats are independent enough not to be over petted. They could live with you, like to spend time with you, to sit on your hands. Nevertheless, he will do it until it likes it. When your cat is tired, you can do everything you can to force it to play with you and to pet it, but all this stuff will not work at all if your cat does not like it.

Always watch cat’s body language

We want to reassure you that it is easy to understand your cat. That is a fact. All you need to know is just to watch your cat and its body language. All answers you want to ask your cat are there in its movements, eyes, ears and tail as well. All you need to know is observe what is going on and to watch your cat behavior. Talk to your cat and answer on its way of communicating. It will help you to understand each other like nobody else can.

Cat needs to understand you    

Try to listen to your cat and make your consistent communication. Newer express your unsatisfied position and caressing at the same time. In that way cat will not understand your information you want to “send” to cat’s ears. In the future, it could bring you misunderstanding between you and your cat.

Do not abuse cat’s trust

last point in Cat Petting Protocols is to never abuse cat’s trust, not even occasionally. In this case, you can lose the best friend of yours ever.

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