Things you need to know about the Exotic Short Haired Cat

exotic short haired catExotic short haired cat has been developed from Persian breeds, and although similar in many ways, they have distinctive personalities. The short dense coat that this exotic short haired cat possesses ensures that it is easier to look after. However, this breed of cat continues to have the same health issues as a pure bred Persian which can lead to problems.


During the 1950’s, some breeders believed that a hybrid of the Persian cat would make it a sought after cat. Therefore, they decided to cross the American Shorthair with a Persian, which resulted in this cross breed called as exotic short haired cat. After many years of fighting for this hybrid, the Exotic short haired cat was finally recognized in 1966.

Appearance of Exotic Short Haired Cat

The distinctive appearance of the Persian is a strong trait, and the short haired cat breed continues to have a massive head, flattened face and pug like nose. This short haired cat has powerful jaws, and their ears are wider apart than other breeds. The color of the eyes will often be determined by the color of the coat; however, blue and golden eyes are incredibly common.

These exotic short haired cat are well muscled, and are considered medium sized cats, but do have broad shoulders and thick chests. Exotic short haired cats have short tails, and appear to be cuddly and friendly, which is what makes them so appealing. exotic short haired cats are extremely affectionate cats, and are loyal to their owners, which is unusual with cats.

Being less rambunctious than their ancestors, exotic short haired cat is ideal for families with young children and other cats. They love laps and attention, and are not that curious, which makes them ideal for apartment living. Older people love this exotic short haired cat breed of cat as they are attention seeking, but not dominating, which can be an issue with some breeds.

Although their coat is shorter, you will still need to groom the cat at least once a week, and help them to remove dirt. This breed is incredibly intelligent and will perform different tasks for treats. exotic short haired cats are excellent hunters and enjoy stalking their prey, which can help to control any rodent issues you may have in your home.

Health issues

This breed is prone to similar health issues as the Persian cat. which can be distressing for the owner. Kidney failure is common; however, screening has helped to prevent this issue in many cats. Neutering and spaying all positive cats has shown to help the problem, and will increase the lifespan of your beloved cat.

As with all full breed cats, you need to consider the long term health implications, and the weekly grooming and care that they need. The Exotic short haired cats are ideal pets for everyone, regardless of your age or lifestyle. They are adaptable to their surroundings, and love being with humans, making them the perfect breed of cat to own.

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