Things you keep in mind while choosing a cat

things-keep-mind-choosing-catCheck for the allergies

It would be best if everyone from your household would do allergy tests or could at least visit a breeder you’re buying your cat from. The thing is, different cats can produce different allergens (and in varying quantity). Even if you feel bad around those from most breeds, you may be perfectly healthy while owning a Siberian or Sphynx cat.

Mind your cleaning habits

While everyone would love to have a cute long-haired cat, if you are not a tidy person, those breeds may not be for you. Unless of course you don’t care about cat’s hair being all over your place. There are also some breeds that are more exposed to certain health issues and need their environment especially clean (like Sphinx cats).

Think about your lifestyle

Different breeds require varying levels of attention. There are some cats who are suitable even for those who spend lots of time out. If you are a busy, hard-working person but would still like to have a pet, choose Norwegian Forest, Scottish or Maine Coon. There are also certain breeds that are perfect for older people, who could use faithful companion but don’t have the energy for endless play. Those are Russian Blue, Ragdolls and Persians. And as for numerous families, American Shorthairs or Manx cats could be an excellent pick.

Consider your living arrangements

Remember that you have to prepare your place to properly welcome your new cat. If you like to keep your windows and/or balcony opened, you should think about some sort of protection. You also need to get rid of any objects that could hurt your pet. However, you should remember that certain breeds feel better in differently arranged spaces. Siamese and Oriental cats won’t like a house with no shelves or wardrobes they could climb onto. Syberians are especially fond of balconies.

Whatever you decide, remember that good intentions and real dedication are the most important factors when it comes to keeping your new cat satisfied.

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