How to manage cat and dog to live within same house

How to manage cat and dog to live within same housePerhaps one of the most difficult things to do in your house is being able to manage cat and dog that lives in the same house. Yes, this might be a very uphill task, but the truth still remains that you have to solve this from the onset. Now, before we go into the psychological aspect of this, which talks about the conditioning methods, we have to first inform you that when you are about buying the cat and a dog or when you are about bringing them in, you have to first seek some expert advice to manage cat and dog in a same home.

Types of Cats and Dogs Breed

There are some individuals that are more likely to tolerate each other and live together than others. So, you have to bring in individuals with high level of compatibility. This will make the remaining part of the job very easy for you. Some dog species are more likely to live together with cats than others. Now, tarries as dogs are mainly bred to rid the house of pests and rodents. If you keep it together with a cat, you are definitely instigating problems. You are advised to adopt dogs that have history of living together with cats if you want manage cat and dog friendly relationship.

Starting from Scratch

The next thing is bringing them in when they are still very young. This is indisputably the most important of all these. Yes, this is because of the fact that they will tend to develop the togetherness and affection for each other even when they have not become aggressive enough. Now, it is true that it is very easy to condition dogs at younger age to accept the appropriate behaviors of living with cats, but when they have known the cat for a very long time, it is only natural that there will be some bonding. Have you not seen a dog fighting another alien dog, so as to secure back something collected from a cat that it has lived together with for long?

Good Management Better Training

Now, we have been trying to give you ways that you can manage them together as friends in the same house. If you do not want those becoming friends, you can also manage them by making use of the necessary barrier tools to make sure each stays in its apartment. You have to minimize the amount of time they meet together outside of their cubicles. In this line, you have to make effective use of the barriers, like doors, crates, pens, baby gates, tethers and leashes. Remember, buying these does not entail using them. You have to make use of these. The use of self closing springs, child proof latches or padlocks and other means to insure that people living with you do not open the doors when it is not needed is also involved.

Combined Approach to manage cat and dog

Now, in getting them to be friendly, you have to make use of the numerous conditioning psychological methods, including the counter conditioning and desensitization, stimulus, and operant conditioning. All are geared towards striking some level of relationship and friendly tolerance among them. But again, some even combine the two. Here, you try to bring them together when you are at home and ready to monitor the friendship, only to separate and lock them up in separate apartments when you go out.

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