Litter training for cats and kittens

Natural instinct

kitten-litter-trainingNow, there is this disparity in beliefs and concepts when it comes to the use of the litter box for the kittens or Litter training for cats. the main controversy is the fact that while many people do believe that these kittens have an inherent natural instinct or tendency to go for the litter box whenever they want to litter, others do believe that there are no such things, and that all they learn are from the mothers at the early stage. But, I want to disagree with both parties. According to my own observation and belief, these little things come with some tendency to find a regular and designated place for their litter when it is time for this, but the act of forming the habit of always searching for this and sticking to it is cemented when they watch or join their mothers in doing this.

Because of this, most of them are always copying whatever the mothers are doing at that tender age, and would have mastered the concept of the box and how to use it, if you have the privilege of adopting them when they have come of age. They would have formed that habit, and all you need to do is to redirect what has already registered in their subconscious. But the problem lies on adopting the little kitten at a very tender age of about 8 to 10 weeks. Within this age bracket, you have to do the job done by the mother cat. And in most cases, it might also include bathroom etiquettes and others. It becomes so tasking if you are making the cat to transition from the outdoor lifestyle habit to the indoor lifestyle.

Train your cat

Now, when you want to liter train your cat, you have to be aware of the fact that many things are involved. As much as the things you teach and train the cat to adopt are paramount, the litter box itself plays a lot of roles. This is the reason why you must buy the appropriate litter box. This perhaps is the number one function. The ideal litter box must be dust free, without any scent and absorbent. It should also be easily disposable. The dust is not good for them since they always dig on this. They are also not comfortable with the scents in most cases.  Now, you have to be aware of the fact that the cat will grow, and when it is fixated to the box, it will not like to let it go. So, you have to buy the biggest box.

The ideal box must also have a very low side that will enable the kitten to climb in and out at the tender age. Another thing is that you must position the box in a very accessible place, so that you do not have to suffer the cat. Again, these things always enjoy privacy when they are excreting, so you have to keep this in a private place. If you are moving the box, it must be a very slow process, done step by step.

When you want to do the litter training proper, you have to ascertain if the kitten have received the training from the mother. If that is the case, just go ahead and get a box of the same type and color with that used by the mum, and it will master this in no distant time.

If you are doing this to a new cat that is used to sand, what you have to do is to use sand on top of the litter or box, to give it the same feeling. Then gradually you start to reduce the amount of sand or dirt and replace with litter. This should be done in a gradual process, till the whole thing becomes litter.

Then the Litter training for cats proper goes this way. After a very happy nap, a very good meal, or after playing with the cat, you place it in the litter. You can also master those occasions where the kittens are inclined to urinate. Put them in the box at this moment and watch them. When they get it right, shower some praises on her the way she will understand. But if it was not done properly, place it back there till it gets it right. The practice of leaving some feces or urine behind in the litter so as to remind the kitten what it is made for is also good. But when it does get it right, never punish it around the box, because it will see the box as the wrong place to go, and will never get near it again.

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