How to hug a cat

hug a catOur cats make our day, make our mood better and help us to deal with stress. From our birthday, we hug our relatives and close people. In this way, we used to express our feelings: love and devotion. Our instincts work for that way with cats too. When we want to show them our love, we try to hug a cat and kiss. However, you should remember that all cats are different and not each cat could understand your behavior, biting and/or scratching you.

What do you need to know before you hug a cat?

Many cats adore touching, They love when people caressing and ears scratching them. It seems like cats could spend dozens of times in people’s hands being caressed, on which they like to jump and sleep. Sometimes cats like to embrace just like people do. Usually those cats do not feel themselves uncomfortable contacting with people. In that way you do not need to care about rules and extreme caution. These cats will accept your each action.

However, how could we behave, if it seems like cat does not like to hug?

Cats behave in a different way. Not each cat could loves your attention and hugs. Often having high feeling of pride and freedom, cats try to avoid strong contacts with people, including hugs. Therefore, when you have decided to hug such a freedom-loved cat, you have a risk to be bite or scratched. That absolutely does not mean that the cat is aggressive, but means that your cat does not need your strong feelings. Because we know that cats are independent.
In order to help you to hug a cat, here are some advises:

  • Just touch a cat and start to caressing it slowly;
  • watch the cat, and if it starts to purr, everything is OK and you can go to the next step;
  • now you should find if the cat is ready to the contact (it continues purring);
  • take cat to your hands without squeezing its body. The cat’s head should be on the top;
  • continue caressing, if you hear purring, it is OK.

Nevertheless, if not all these steps help – just know that your cat does not like hugs.

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