Five weird/strange cats behaviors

weird cats behaviorsOne thing about these weird cats behaviors we are going to mention is that they are weirder because they have defied our understanding. If we can say that these are the reasons why they do this and that these are the moments they will do or will not do this, we would have termed them one of the normal behaviors of the cats. Now, there is no debate about what the are the most weird cats behaviors , and which is less wired. All we are doing is to give you the weird things cats do.

1. Chewing on my Flowers

For me, the number one weird cat behavior is the act of chewing on my flowers. I have a very beautiful hibiscus in front of my room, and one thing I know is that it is not one of the vegetables that cats feed on. But the little Eliza will always hide at the lower end of the tree to chew on the stem. I was so annoyed when I came back from work only to see the stem of the flower completely chewed off. It does not end here, after scrapping all the bark of the stem, it will go ahead to feast on the leaves. One more thing is that it does not chew this thing as if it enjoys it as a meal, but just as a pastime.

2. Buried inside the Sand

The next in the line of weird cats behaviors is burying. Have you experienced a situation where the cat just finished its meal and run out of the house. Now, in search of the cat after 2 hours, you also run to the front of the house and into the garden. What you will experience is the cat buried inside the little sand that your potato root is enjoying. They bury a lot and I don’t know why. Many people used to feel that this is done to get some wetness from the sand. But what do you say when you see your cat burying itself in the sand when it is raining. The burying also extends to what it does to its feces. No matter where it defecates, if you have not tutored it on the proper litter habits, it will actually try to bury the feces inside anything at its disposal.

3. Turning upside down

The next strange or the list of weird cats behaviors is turning upside down. My friend called me one day and was asking me whether my cat is of the habit of turning upside down and showing the tummy. I told him yes, and he was asking for the reason why it is so. That I could not give. This is mostly done when you are away for some time and eventually come back, and it is a like saying, I miss you. But apart from this, there are times you come home expecting this and it will not happen and sometimes it even happens when you do not go out.

4. Practice of Kneading

The next is the practice of kneading and it has received numerous explanations. This ranges from the fact that it did not enjoy the full love of the mother, and this makes it always to knead on blankets. Sometimes, this can be very awful, especially when your kid that does not like the cat comes back from school and finds the cat doing this in his or her room.

5. Head Butting

Final in the list of weird cats behaviors is the practice of head butting. This is one thing it does, which makes it more human than less. Sometimes, it will bring its head out and try to head butt. The simple thing to do is to head butt it back, since this comes like a friendly gesture.

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