Five ways you are a making your cat hate you


Yes, many people will think that this is an art. But it is obviously not. If you have a cat that is in good relationship with you, you must have annoyed it on several occasions through some of your actions. You only need to be observant to notice this. Of course they will always show you when they are sad. But that is only if you’re the owner and is in good relationship with them.

#1: Affection with other pets

Now, one of the things you can do to get your cat annoyed is whenever the affection you have for her or the affection she expects from you is seemingly given to the other pet around, and you do not apologize and make up for that. Cats will obviously get very angry when they look through the window and see you petting and playing with your neighbor’s dog. They will immediately wait for you at the front door, but will get even angrier when you do not reassure them that they are the ones you cherish more. If you need the cat to run away from your house, do this continuously for one month.

#2: Forced Affection

The next is forced affection and petting. Yes, the same way you will kick the cat away from you when you are not in the mood is the same way the cat will not like you near it when it is not in the mood. The result of this is that if you really want the cat to go angry, continue forcing the patting and affection on it even when it has given you obvious signs that it does not enjoy this at this moment. Now, the level of happiness, joy and compliance you will get when the petting comes at the right time is still the level of rejection and sadness you will get when it comes at the wrong time.

#3: Starving the cat

when I mean starving, I do not mean that you have to let the poor thing die of hunger. Now, the Munchkin in particular is perpetually hungry, and loves food more than anything else. Whenever you want to get it to know that you are the master, and grow widely angry. Just wait till the meal time, and give it just a piece of meal that will arouse all its appetite and hunger and leave it for the next 5 minutes. All the hatred, contempt and desire to eat will be written all over the cat. This makes the cat hate you so much.

#4: forget cat’s playing time

The next thing that will make your cat to hate you beyond acceptance is when you constantly deny the cat the playing time. This happens when you come back from work and deny the cat the welcome play, and in the morning you wake up and deny it the morning exercise and do the same thing on Saturday when you are with the cat all day. The truth is that you will immediately notice the cat’s contempt for you, no matter how affectionate the relationship was.

#5: Refused Cat’s Victory

The last but not the least includes making sure your cat does not see itself as the hero. This pains a cat so much that the cat will even avoid playing with you. But, this is when you have done this for a very long time. What we mean here is that when you are playing the favorite games with the cat, and when it gets to those moves that indicate that the cat has won, you refuse to allow it. It might be refusing to let it get the ball or other toys that indicates that it is now the boss.

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