Five cat toy you must have for your cat

Making a decision to take or buy a cat means taking a huge responsibility upon ourselves. We are entitled to make it’s existence comfortable – and that includes keeping him entertained. With such lively creatures, it won’t be easy. Don’t worry though, this cat toy list will provide you with things that will once and for all save your cat from boredom.

1. Cat tree furniture

You may find this cat toy a little extravagant but your cat definitely deserves such luxury. cat toy tree houseThanks to this piece of cat furniture, you’ll provide it with a perfect scratch post and at the same time give him a place where it can feel like a king. It’s perfect cat toy for all kinds of fun but also as a sleeping or hiding spot. This means that you’ll both protect your furniture and create a comfort zone for your pupil. As a bonus, your living room will gain a really cool looking object, which can be customized according to your taste.

2. Fake mouse

cat toy fake mouseMost cats are hunters at heart. Assuming you don’t have regular access to real mice, you need to find a worthy replacement. Keep in mind that sometimes the best answer is the simplest one – and this is one of such cases. A plain mouse, which is small, fluffy and features a bell is an awesome option to keep your cat occupied for hours. It can either play with the fake mouse toy alone or you could join and make it a bit more interesting.

3. Tunnel

cat-tunnelNow this cat toy is something that every cat loves to play with. Cat tunnels are easy to fold up and rustle like a paper bag (cat’s favorite noise!). It’s a perfect place for your pet to play it’s version of hide and seek with you. It can also become his favorite chilling or sleeping spot.

4. Crazy circle cat toy

cat toy crazy circleWith the ball (or other object, like mouse) enclosed in the plastic circle, your cat will be in for endless fun, trying to get the object out. Thanks to crazy circle cat toy, you will invite your pet to play without ruining your house. It’s a fantastic idea if you need to keep your cat busy in one place.

5. Cat teaser / wand

cat nip cat toy teaser wand for cats with mouseThis toy is especially suitable for kittens. As soon as you bring your new little cat home, you can make sure he’s having good fun with teaser toys. This cat toy comes with diverse endings – most common are those with feathers. Don’t forget that with this kind of toy, you have to participate in the play. It shouldn’t be a problem though, as you need time to bond with your kitten.

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