Five things I wish my cat could do

Five things I wish my cat could doWhen you ask me to tell you the five things I wish my cat could do, you are asking me to tell you things I wish my cat had. Well, maybe or maybe not, I have tabulated these things very long ago.

My cat is stronger than my dog

This might not sound so good, but it is the truth. When I bought the cat newly, I had a small dog that has started getting me irritated by its new found stubborn behaviors, and this dog taught the cat a lesson the night I brought the cat home. The lesson is like, I am the owner of this home and you will never take this from me. The meaning is that my cat was thoroughly beaten and terrified by the dog, and up till now, I wish my cat is stronger than my dog, and can comfortably beat it up, so as to kneel down and ask for mercy. Will that happen?

My cat can help in cleaning

The next is as it concerns my chores. The little thing attracted me as a pet for life simply because of its astonishing beauty, especially the miniature ones. Because of this I have started associating cleanliness with it. Now, my little house help does not clean my dishes well out of carelessness, and I have been having fears of contacting illness and food poison from the not well washed plates. And whenever this incident happens, I always wish my cat can do the dishes, so that whenever it is time to wash, it will climb up and get them as clean as it is.

My cat could run fast like a leopard

From this I move to an incident that happened last week. I sent the same house help to go and post my letters, and because I do not allow her to go out always, she is fond of disappearing whenever I send her to go and drop the mails, only to come back in the night. Yesterday, she did the same thing, while I had many other errands I had wanted her to go for me. When she came back and I was registering my displeasure for the action, the cat behaved as if this action is paining it the same way it is paining me. The result of this is that I started thinking of sending the cat to go and drop those mails and run back to the house in a jiffy. This little thing likes staying with me. So, even if it runs the errand, it will still run as fast as possible to come and meet me at home. So funny!

My cat becomes famous overnight 😀

Seriously, the next thing I wish my cat does for me is this. I wish it can go grumpy sometimes so that I can simply become a celebrity by attending shows and TV programs with it. It will also make me some extra bucks in the name of the grumpy cat.

My cat could talk

Now, apart from this facial expression and art, I also wish my cat has other attributes that will endear her to the world, and take her away from people I do not like. Those days when I come back from work and at the corridor of the house, I will see my neighbor cuddle the cat makes me sick. This neighbor is one man I do not cherish his ways, and I am never happy seeing my cat in his arms. I wish this cat can one day get to know about my feelings and tell this man that my master said you should not touch me again. Can it do it?

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