Five things I love most about cat

Five things I love most about catWhen I threw this question open in the meeting, one of my lady friends has this to say. Oh, how can you ask me what I love about the creature with nine lives? I love everything about them, and I am ready to name them. With this, she went ahead to give me a list of the things she loves and enjoys most about her cat.

Natural Beauty

While many people were busy talking about other things, the first thing she told me was that those little things look as beautiful as her husband wants her to look every day, and she will not mind them being her sweetheart because of how cute and beautiful they can be. She said that the beauty of the cat, which ranges from the very clean and stylish furs, the color of the eyes (which varies from one cat to the other), and the types of coating and parking of the hairs, makes her go very emotional.


The second thing is the jealousy that these little things express whenever they feel that the love meant for them is being shared by another. She recalled how she will come back from work only to be halted by a friend’s dog. When this happens, she will pet the dog for few minutes before getting into the house. But, whenever she comes back, the cat will continue to sulk and pout, till you pet her to make her know that you still love her more than any other thing. She said that she will come back and meet the cat waiting at the staircase for an apology and some reassurance.


The next is the purr. She said that the purr she gets from the kitten makes her so fascinated. For her, she does not think she has experienced any type of affection as emotional as the purr she gets from her cat. This purr comes to her whenever she has carried the cat on her lap for long and whenever the cat enjoys a very good plate of food, and after some very playful moment with the cat.  She said that her cats has never failed to make her feelings known, and she will always do this with the purr.

Cat as Alarm Clock

Sleeping and waking; for her, the next thing is the peace this animal enjoys and gives her whenever it is time for bed. This is not all that she enjoys. The cat is in the habit of waking her up exactly when it is time to wake up.  For her, this has turned an accurate time keeper for her, knowing when it is morning, and when it is time to wake up. For her, this animal is the most peaceful thing on earth when it is time to sleep, but will use anything possible to wake you up when it is time for that.

Spiritual Connection with cats

Making her happy; the next thing she will never forget about the cat is something she terms spiritual. For her, there is always a very telepathic connection between any owner and his or her cat. This for her is because of the fact that she has noticed that as much as they play together on ordinary and good days, the cat has a penchant for making her happy whenever she comes home sad. She can count all her bad days at work, and the fact that these are the days the cat never stops until it has gotten her in the laughing mood.

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