Five smallest cat breeds

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When you talk about the smallest cat breeds, you have to be clear enough to give out the criteria with which you are measuring. This is simply because of the fact that different people have their different views about small cat breeds. So you have to give the bases with which you arrive at your assertions. Many people will present many lists to you as their list of the smallest breeds of cats and all of them are right in their own order. But the size of the body and weight of the cat breeds remains the best criteria for the measurement of this. And after serious considerations and measurements, we are very happy to present top you the 5 smallest breeds of cats.

The Singapura

The_Singapura smallest cat breedsThis is obviously the one of the smallest cat breeds. When you get cats that their size are half the size of the average cat, you will know that you are looking at the smallest breed of all cats, even before measuring them. They come with very petite bodies that are highly delicate. But have very long ears that are sepia colored and big eyes that are normally green, hazel or yellow colored. Another character they have is that they play a lot and this leads them to be constantly climbing. They came through some American cats that was sent to Singapore and bred there, though they are more predominant in Japan. The Singapura cat breed have a normal weight of 4-7 lbs.

The Munchkin

munchkin cat smallest cat breedsThis is another great name when it comes to the smallest cat breeds, and it is obviously the most popular cat in this category. These dwarfed cats with very short legs were developed or bred in the States by one music teacher. She did this by breeding miniature cats of the same lineage and parentage. They have eyes shaped like walnuts and their ears are triangular in shape. Munchkin Cats can be either short or long haired. They are very playful and like very shiny objects, always stealing and hiding them. They have a weight of 5 – 9 lbs. You can read more about Munchkin Cat breed here.

The Devon Rex

devon smallest cat breedsThis is the third of the smallest breeds of cats when it comes to size. Their eyes are very large, with huge ears. Their cheekbones are also very strong and noticed. Perhaps the beauty of this cat breed comes through the fur that concentrates or collects mostly in some parts of the body, like back, sides, tail, faces, ears and legs. The Devon Rex are also called aliens because of the size of the ear and eyes. They are so lovely to be with, always cuddling and kissing their loved ones. The Devon Rex weigh 5 – 9 lbs.


The Cornish Rex

cornish rex smallest cat breedsThis number four in smallest cat breeds. They have very small size that makes them look like kittens. But the cornish rex possess greater size of furs and hairs. This small cat breeds are unusually coated and are very playful. Their playing time is not restricted as they play and joke all the time They have a shape that makes them look like eggs and they do come in different colors. The cornish rex jump, fetch, leap, sprint and even hide and seek. The weight of The Cornish Rex is 6-10 lbs.


The Siamese

Masya smallest cat breedsThe next in the line of smallest cat breeds is the Siamese. They have a very slender and sleek body. However, they do not come with the normal ear. The Siamese come with large and pointed ears, which differentiate them from others. Their body and coat are same in being silky and smooth. The Siamese come in many colors ranging from lilac, chocolate, blue and seal. The Siamese weight is 6- 14 lbs. You can read more about Siamese Cats here.

So that is the top five smallest cat breeds from our side. I hope you enjoy that. let us know in the comment below that which one of them is your favorite. If you are a Dog person click here to read about top 10 smallest dog breeds.

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