Five reasons cats are better pets than dogs

gty_dog_cat_ll_1203008_wgYes, the truth about it is that there are many reasons why people keep pets. Obviously keeping of domestic animals in your house is not done simply because you love and admire them and wants them to be friends with you. No. There are other reasons to this. This is the reason why it is very difficult to say the one that is the better pet and the reasons why it is. Sequel to this, I am saying that choosing the better pet is very circumstantial and subjective. But still, when you consider all the pets on a general level, you will still discover that some are better than others, at least as pets and not as soldiers and security animals. So, comparing cats and dogs as pets in the real sense of pets obviously presents the cats as better pets, and these reasons give credence to this.

Dogs are Anti Social

The number one reason is that dogs are anti social, and gives a negative light to your social life. When you have visitors, instead of welcoming them with the warmth that cats offer, the dogs go wild.  They offer effusive greeting and this involve embarrassing people by running wildly, jumping on them and barking.


The next is the smell. Yes, many will try to overlook this, but just make the mistake of getting busy and leaving the dog without bath for some time, and you will virtually chase it to the back of the house. It smells awfully. Even when you keep to the regular bathing schedule, you will still discover that after bath, the dog will still give you something pungent. But cats are fastidious, and they self-groom, making them to be odor free and clean all the times.

Bug and Pest Exterminators

Another great thing is the function they do as bug and pest exterminators. Yes, they will reduce the amount of bugs in your house, even when you do not send them on that errand. On this part, they have the sense of hearing that is even 3 times what the dogs have, and this make them to hear noise made some 36 inches far. This is why pets can’t run away from them.



Another reason why cats are better is because of the fact that they do not make very appalling noise. Yes, there have been several cases where neighbors have gone to court because of the level of noise the dog gives out at night. So the concept of your street coming to knock on your door to warn about the noise is eliminated. On the contrary, many people even enjoy the meowing of the cat.


The next is the concept of survival. The cats are very independent. Of course you can usnewspet20n-1-webwitness an avalanche of cats that do not have recognizable owners. They still grow and live without qualms, surviving under all circumstances. But the moment you leave the dogs uncared for, they develop problems. While you walk the dogs, you don’t walk cats. Again, when it comes to the issue of feeding, yes, dogs can hunt down foods, but they seldom do this alone. But, the cats as masters of the expedition are always clamping down on preys and feeding real well. They can survive in the forest without food, as they feed on their games.

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