Five Largest cat breeds

largest cat breedNow, just as we have said about the five smallest cat breeds, many people measure with many things. The truth still remains that when it comes to the measurement of the largest cat breeds available, it is very easy to notice that there are some that are larger than others. And the best criteria that were used to ascertain the breeds I am going to give you now are through the size and the weight of the cats. There are too many cats that fall under large cat breed category, but many of them might be some local cat breeds that are not yet popular to the book makers, and therefore do not have the relevance to be listed here. Again, we are not talking about overweight cats here, what we are looking at are the large and big sized cats.

The Maine Coon

Maine-Coon-Cat-cats-35527482-2560-1920This is obviously one of the largest cat breeds that lives. Maine Coon is the largest domestic cat breed that currently exists. The origin of the existence of this dates back to a hundred years ago. Apart from being seen as a championship breed, this cat breed has the characteristics of friendliness and being people oriented. As much as this cat is very playful, it also gives the owner space when this is needed. The Maine Coon has a weight of 15 to 25 lbs by the males, with the female counterparts having about 10 to 15 lbs.

The Ragdoll

Ragdoll-catThis is the second largest cat breeds when you look at the large sized cats. Ragdoll is very loving and affectionate. It has blue eyes with semi long hairs. It came into existence around the 1960s. Ragdoll also enjoys human company and limps up when you pick it. It does not need much grooming and is bred from crossing the Persians and Siamese breed. The weight of the male Ragdoll cat is 15 to 20 pounds, while the female Ragdoll cat weighs about 10 to 15 pounds.

The Chausie

chausie-3This is the most recognizable of all the largest cat breeds. This is because Chausie has a height that is 2 times the size and height of the ordinary everyday domestic cat. Chausie is also known as the advanced new breed according to the words of the TICA. It likes to run and jump, as it is extremely active, and was created in the 1960s. Chausie are as agile as the cheetah and have some generations as infertile. Jumping is one of their hobbies, and Chausie also love to run. The size of the male Chausie is 10 to 20 pounds, while the female is 8 to 15 pounds.

The Ragamuffin

NikkiRagamuffin is among the largest cat breeds which we can say the domestic cat breeds. The colt is soft and silky, and the eyes are very expressive. Ragamuffin is also very comfortable with human beings and plays a lot. It is large and long haired, and have no-matting coat. While a male Ragamuffin of the maturity age can weigh up to 10 to 18 pounds, the female Ragamuffin can weigh up to 9-18 pounds.

The American Bobtail

katvondva.helmi_.kittenAmerican Bobtail is the next in the line of the largest cat breeds. Among all the aforementioned breeds, American Bobtail is about the strongest. It has very strong muscles, with a short tail. American Bobtail is very affectionate and has the characteristic of getting along and playing with both adults and children. Another outstanding characteristic of American Bobtail is that it also plays well with other pets. The mature male of American Bobtail weighs about 12 to 16 pounds, while the female American Bobtail weighs about 7 to 11pounds.

Honorable mention of other larger cats breed

Although this is a top five list of largest cats breed but still we think we should mention some other name of large cat breeds as well. The Pixie-Bob Cat, The Bengal Cat, The Chartreux Cat, The Turkish Van Cat, British Shorthair, The Siberian Cat, The Norwegian Forest Cat, The Savannah Cat.

So that is the top five largest cat breeds from our side. I hope you enjoy that. let us know in the comment below that which one of them is your favorite. If you are a Dog person click here to read about top five largest dog breeds.



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