Five human foods cats can eat

Five human foods cats can eat

Cats can eat Animal Meat

Yes, if you are observant enough, you would have noticed that the obvious number one human food that cats enjoy so much is meat. This seems to be the human food that all the other animals also enjoy.  The cats are carnivores, and this simply explains why I put this at the number one. The animals meats have been tagged the safest of all meals that you can give to your cat. Just as the human foods are better when cooked, due to the fact that the health concerns of jams and bacteria are completely reduced, the cooked meats are also of more benefits to cats than the raw ones. My friend said that she has observed that her cat enjoys poultry a lot.

Cats can eat Fish

Another thing that we humans enjoy which the cat also enjoys includes fish. Yes, this is just related to the meat. Of course if you are carnivorous and enjoy animals, fishes are also animals too, so the cats enjoy fish as much as they enjoy meat. Many of the cat foods you buy in the market come with a lot of fish. You can also put some fish when you are making meals for the cat.  Most of them love it, if not all. As we have also said before, you have to make sure the fish is cooked. This also eliminates the concerns of how safe and healthy the fish will be.  You have to make sure you watch the way you give cats fish. When it becomes overdose, it can cause some other damages to the vitamin a deposits in their body.

Egg can be part of Cats food

The next in the line of human foods that cats eat is the eggs. Now, there is a difference between foods that are good for cats and foods that cats actually eat. If you are talking about food that is very good for cats, and which all cats are delighted to eat whenever you give it to them, then you talk about eggs. They enjoy it so much that they will not mind stealing it if you keep it at their disposal. The reason why this is very good for them is because of the protein content of the eggs. When cats go hunting in the bush, they always search for the nests of other animals, especially birds, and when they get hold of the eggs, they feast on them. Cooked eggs are again better for cats than raw eggs. But one more thing you have to know is that eggs can trigger off some allergenic reaction in some cats. You have to watch this.


The next human food that cats enjoy so much is the vegetables. Now, we might say that the need for this in cats is not much. But many of them do have serious cravings for vegetables. However, vegetables are a serious source of carbohydrate to these cats and you are advised to allow them have vegetables if they have the urge. But one thing you must do in this regard is to make sure you do not allow them go feeding on any vegetables or plants around, as these might be toxic in nature.


The last of this is the cheese. The truth is that most of them learn to eat these foods because they see humans eat them. But irrespective of these, cheese and other dairy products are still good sources of protein for them. However, some might develop some intolerance for these. You have to watch this before it causes them diarrhea.

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