Five Famous Cats in History

Cats in HistoryWhat do you know about famous cats in history from all over the world? Until today, you might hear just about dogs, but believe us there are famous cats in history, which will surprise you. We hope this article will help you to answer on several questions.


The life of Emily looks like adventure story. This one of the cats in the history shows us how it is important to put on our pets named badges. Emily’s history starts in 2005 when she disappeared from her home in Wisconsin. She started her long way back home in a Chicago’s distribution center, from where she were transported to a Belgium and thenfound in a Nancy’s laminating company in France. Thanks to ID that cat had on her neck – her owners could finally find kitty.

Brave Scarlet

Scarlet is a real hero of the cats in history, she saved her kittens from killing fire that happened in her own home in Brooklyn, New York. Unfortunately, that fire made Scarlet blind. However, to save her five kittens she touched their noses to feel they are alive. Fire took way one of her kitten’s life. Nevertheless, Scarlet saved herself and four kittens.


Let us acquaint you with Mike the cat from Britain, who become famous because of his responsible work of guarding British museum. He made his job excellent, controlling pigeons to turn back saved.


Grumpy is an all over the world famous cat, who became well known because of its grumpy face. Grumpy cat is one of the most famous cats in the history. Grumpy has blue eyes and dark ears. Until now,Grumpy had more than 250 thousand of fans from the whole world. There is a very details post about Grumpy Cat. You can click here to read more about Grumpy Cat.


It was happening during the war. The cat was living near docs of London. When she felt that it is going to bomb she was running to a hall and knocking to the gas masks, then she was running to her owner meowing. Finally, she has turned back to a shelter. However, once, when her owner already got to the shelter, Sally found that other people stayed outside. She run to them to bring to the shelter meowing. After everyone gathered there, she fell asleep like nothing was happening.


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