Five common myths about cats

Five common myths about catsWhenever you talk about cats, you have an avalanche of myths about cats that has been held by several groups about them in the past. One observation is that most of these myths are in the negative angle. You will discover that many myths that have been held about these cats are actually about bad things that either come from the cats or that the cat represents. In actual sense, I am yet to witness good myths about cats.

Black Cat and Bad luck

The first of these myths which was very predominant when I was a kid is that black cats are actually harbingers of bad lucks and omens. Now, this should be the most universal myths about cats. But it is a two way thing. There are some societies that believe that black cats are harbingers of bad luck, while other societies are of the belief that they come with the best of lucks. This myth plays a very predominant role in the level of acceptance and rejection that the black things enjoy. For those who believe it is of the bad side of luck, they will do a lot of cleansing if they are to meet the cat early in the morning, as they believe it will put the day in the bad light. There is an interesting article on our blog about black cats and about their bad luck. You can read it by clicking here.

Cats and Witches

The next myth about cats is that which says that cats are used by witches and wizards for their operations. This is mostly associated with the nature of the eyes and the colors. This even lingered to the extent that some men will not like their children to see the eyes of a cat before they go to bed, as they believe it might lead them to attacks at night. They believe that if the children sight the eyes of the cat before they go to bed, they will have bad dreams where witches and wizards will attack them.

Veterinary care for cats

The next is the myth that there is nothing like veterinary care for cats. The truth about it is that this myth is still held very high in most of the underdeveloped nations. Do not get it twisted, this is not because of poverty (because dogs are taken care of), they believe that cats do not need such care. For them, there is nothing to treat. Cats cannot be treated because they will always heal on their own. This might also be because of the fact that cats are so good in living with illnesses without showing it.

Cats are wicked and antisocial myths about cats

This is a myth that still exists among people who have never owned or had the company of cats in the past. People like this believe that because of the perceived aggressive nature of the cat, it is aloof and very distant from humans. This myth perhaps is among the freshest of myths. This is the reason why many of such people find it very difficult to believe that people actually use cats as pets and sleep on the same bed with cats. People do not believe that cats can form a bond with their owners and enjoy a lot of interaction with them.

Cats infect their owners with diseases

It was a one of the myths about cats in the past to some people that cats should never be brought close to human beings. These lots are of the belief that the little thing will infect them with some of the numerous diseases it carries. Many people actually believe that toxoplasmosis is the number one disease that a cat will give people living in the same roof with it. In my area, the belief is that cat is a very dangerous carrier of asthma, and that if you dare have any close relationship with the cat; you are more than 80 percent likely to get the disease.

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