Five Cat Breeds with Wild Roots

Cats with wild rootsNowadays scientists already successfully classified about 200 cats’ breeds and there are more than 600 million home cats all over the world. However, do you know that some cats “came” to us from the past and wild? The up to date animals’ selection progress allows us to become historical witnesses of different cats breeds evolution. Some breeds were created recently but there are cats breeds that are well known from the centenary history and cats with Wild Roots.

Bengal Cat

The first in the list of cats with wild roots is Bengal cat. The first reference for this cat came to us from 1934 year. This cat’s breed start its history from the crossing of domestic cat with ALC that happened in 1963. After 20 years of the Bengal Cat evolution, this animal was accepted like a home pet and often is recommended like the best house pet.

Pixiebob Cat

These cats were living in the Cascade Mountains of Washington state. They are a result of the natural mating and the first Pixiebob Cat as a home pet was adopted in 1985. Than this breed become its evolution crossing with a home cat who lived in the next house. PixiebobCats got a championship status in 1998. They are loyal and make good home pets.

Serengeti Cat

The first notice about Serengeti Cat came to us from 1994, when a Bengal Cat was crossed with an Oriental Short hair Cat. Time passed and this cat’s breed got many changes by crossing with other breeds, excluding Serval cats. This breed is fast, like to stay active almost all the time, and are good home pets.


These cats become well known from 1964. Actually, this breed does not have considered as a cats with wild roots, but usually scientists add it to a list because of a date when it appeared. This breed became well known after ivory-colored dotted Tonga cat appeared. These cats are well muscled, communicable and sometimes behave themselves as dogs do. This breed also got a TICA championship.

Savannah Cat

Last name in the list of cats with wild roots is Savannah Cat. Savannah cat is a result of house and African Serval cats crossing, initially after first crossing steps this breed was not ready to be a domestic cat because of its wilderness. This breed is not so easy to cross because of its natural sterilization.


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