Five amazing TV shows featured a cat

TV shows featured a catThese TV shows help us to know our pets better and to build with them great communications, becoming real friends of them. So let us see our top list of TV shows featured a cat.

My cat from Hell (Animal Planet)

This amazing TV shows featured a cat. Cats, our misunderstanding and ignoring main cat’s petting protocols. There are thousands families that cannot make communications with their pets. As a result – broken couples, scratched and bitten family members. However, do not despair, Jackson Galaxy, is the cat behaviorist, who will help you to understand your cats better.

Cats 101 (animal planet)

Cats 101 is an interesting TV show that answers on dozens of cats’ owners questions: how to groom your cat, which cats breed could be your companion, what diseases our cats can meet with and other similar questions. Cats 101 is a free TV cat’s encyclopedia that will show youcat’s life from their first days of living and until their adult life.

Animal Precinct (Animal Planet)

Cats are helpless. You can take a cat only if you are able to feed it and to pet it. SPCA investigation is an important social TV show about cats and dogs as well, that shows us what happened with animals if their owners forgot about them. This TV show is the way to pay people’s attention on the large amount of abandoned animal’s problems. It is a must see show.

Cats 24\7 TV show (

Are you an ailurophile? Than you will love Cats 24\7 TV show. This is the interesting way of spending time with your kids and family. Everything you want to know from mystic cat’s life is already available 24/7.

Must love cats (Animal Planet)

Must love cats – is a TV show hosted by John Fulton. This is a famous TV show, in which you are able to see different cats’owners’ style of living. John Fulton is traveling to different world corners to show you cats and their owners, to demonstrate their communications and the way of everyday living. Therefore, if you interested in cat’s way of life you should definitely see this show.

So that is out top five list TV shows featured a cat. Let us know which one is your favorite Tv show and what your top five favorite list of TV show.

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