Discovering more about the personality Siamese cat

Siamese Cat Sitting FenceSiamese cats are one of the most distinct cat breeds in the world, and are considered beautiful, mystical and magnificent. This breed of cat originated in Thailand and was formally known for many years as Siam. Although this cat can be incredibly loyal, this is often displayed with possessive and aggressive behavior.

History of Siamese cat

Throughout the 20th century, this breed of cat became incredibly popular in North America and Europe. It is believed that the British Consul-General brought a breeding pair of these cats back to Britain in 1885, which is when they were first seen by English People. This breed of cat was a strange addition to the cat world as many traditional breeds were stocky and far hairier.

Westerners were intimidated by the Siamese cat, and some went as far as to claim they were an “an unnatural nightmare of a cat.” Their striking features, long necks and pointed ears were all unique for a cat, which ensured they quickly became popular. This cat has a long, sleek body, which is graceful with no extreme proportions.


There is a higher rate of mortality with these Siamese cats, and they typically do not live past 12 years of age, which is young for a cat. Many of them die from mammary tumors, gastrointestinal issues, and they have a higher risk of neoplastic. They are also sensitive to sunlight, and many of them are cross eyed, due to abnormal connections in the neurological section of the brain.

Due to the inability to see well at night the Siamese cat has become incredibly dependent on humans and their hunting abilities is reduced. These Siamese cats tend to be extremely loyal, and are highly intelligent, which can be intimidating. They are also extremely vocal, and you can often hear them before they are visible.


Care of this Siamese cat breed is straightforward as the coat is short and needs no expensive beauty regimes, or care. If you prefer not to be smothered with love all the time, you may want to choose a different breed. They will follow you everywhere, including the bathroom, which strangely is their favorite room in the home.

This breed of cat is considered to be one of the active cat breeds. It need to be kept amused at all times, or they can become destructive. You must supply your Siamese cat with endless toys and attention, or you will suffer the consequences. Siamese cats are known to sulk if they do not get their own way, and you may spend hours seeking forgiveness from your pet.

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