Discover Everything to Know about the Maine Coon Cat

maine coonMaine Coon Cats are believed to have originated in Maine, and they are now the official state cat for the area. Some people believe that this breed was originally bred with raccoons. which is why the other part of their name was formed. This of course is impossible, but the name has stuck, and it is a pleasant tale to tell people.

Features of Maine Coon

This breed of cat is also referred to as the American Longhair and has a distinctive appearance and nature. Towards the late 1950’s more people than ever before begun to breed these cats as they were hearty and incredibly handsome. Maine Coon are the ultimate hunters. This cat breed will help all households to rid their homes of vermin.

The distinctive rectangular body shape, large bone structure and beautiful flowing coat are all features of the Maine Coon cat. There are numerous different coloring for this cat; however, the most popular is the basic tabby brown. Some of these Maine Coon cats have crystal clear blue eyes, and others have warm golden eyes.

Intelligence, observation and gentleness are the biggest traits of this cat, and which is why they are often chosen. With their thick, shiny coats, large ears and tail, which is incredibly fluffy, the Maine Coon cat is extremely appealing. This larger than life cat can weigh an impressive 18 pounds when fully grown, and is often thought to be larger due to their thick coat.

A unique feature of Maine Coon cat is their voice as they do not meow like other breeds, but chirp in a high pitched tone. The strange sound is distinctive, and can be unusual when first heard, but soon becomes one of their endearing features. This cat is incredibly playful, and never seems to grow up as they continue to want to play all through their adult life.

Health Issues

Health issues with this Maine Coon cat are rare, but they can suffer with cardiomyopathy and hip dysplasia; therefore, you need to check the genetic line before deciding to own this cat. Screening methods have become more common to ensure that these health issues so not affect future breeding. This Maine Coon cat breed is rugged making it ideal for homes all over the world.


The Maine Coon cat is extremely territorial and protective of its human friends, ensuring that they are never far away from home. They are extremely happy with other animals, and cohabitate with other cats well, and enjoy other feline company. You need to ensure that you understand this breeds needs, and although they take little care, they do need constant fresh water, and weekly grooming.

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