Deciding Whether a Persian Cat is ideal for Your Family

Persian catPersian cats have become one of the most popular breeds to own as they are incredibly loving, gentle and playful. This long haired breed of cat is distinctive and characterized by the shortened muzzle and round face. The Persian cat breed is often referred to by different names, including Persian longhair and longhair.

History of Persian cat

Over the last 150 years, breeders have molded this cat into the precise, perfect breed that they wanted to achieve. The name refers to Persia, which was the former name for Iran, and is believed to be where this cat originated from many years ago. Travelling diplomats brought cute long haired kittens back to the UK, where they were instantly adored.

The selective breeding program has developed many different colors and a unique creation of flat faced cats. This strange head structure comes with many health issues. Some breeders are attempting to ensure that traditional breed cats are only bred. Many of these cats suffer with breathing difficulties, and eye infections.

Health Issues

As the eyelashes rub against the eye, cornea damage is common, and in some cases the eyes will tear excessively. There are also a high number of still born litters with Persian cats. Breeders typically struggle to keep full litters alive. There are also high numbers of these cats with hereditary kidney disease and progressive renal failure.

Features of Persian cat

This cat is considered extremely placid, dignified and gentle making it an ideal house cat, suitable for apartment living. The Persian cat is incredibly affectionate, and they love one on one human contact on a daily basis. Persian cats are happy with other animal, but prefer to be near people, and pine if left for too long on their own.

This breed of cat struggles to groom itself, and you need to be aware of the daily grooming that you will need to perform. The dense coat that these Persian cats have is beautiful, but will need regular bathing and brushing to ensure that it remains in excellent condition. You will also need to ensure that you keep their eyes clean, and wipe away any discharge from their eyes before it becomes an issue.

There are numerous reasons why you may have chosen this breed of cat, and with all animals you need to think carefully before you make any decisions. Persian cats are adorable, and will provide hours of love and fun; however, they do take more care than the average cat. Once you have considered everything including the health risks, you will be able to make a clear decision on this Persian cat breed

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