Choosing kittens for their cat qualities

Choosing kittens for their cat qualitiesEach cat, like each people has its own character and the way of behaving. In addition,cats’ qualities could depend on their kind. Therefore, to choose “the right” cat between more than 200 species, the cat, who will become a real friend of yours and who could adapt to your way of living, you should remember some rules for choosing kittens.

Choosing kittens according to your way of living and cats’ qualities

When you have decided to get a cat, you should analyze your way of living: are you a homesteader or a traveler? Do you usually like to stay calm or you have an active life position, and like to stay active most of the time? Are there children and old people in your family?

Abyssinian and Burmese cats, for example, are quite communicable and all the time like to draw your attention and love. These cats will be comfortable for old people and house wives more than for those, who work or travel all the day long. Persian cats also need to spend time with people because of their care requirements and grooming, as well. Therefore, if you are a busy person, these cats breed not fit to you.

Britain, Scottish folds and Abyssinian are loyal to children. These cats are calm and patient. Therefore, they will stay neutral to children overreaction and will be happy to play with them. Otherwise, Persian cats will try to avoid baby’s spontaneity, hiding in the corners and other safe places. Short haired kittens are more communicative than long haired ones. We have a very detailed article about both long haired and short haired breed. Click here to get more details.

Britain cats or the Russian Blue – is the best choice for single person. These cats are always affable, and they can stay alone at home when their owner is working. They will always be waiting for you back at home, meeting happily near the door.

As we said before each kitten has its own nature. If you are going to become a responsible cat owner, you should stay some time with kitten you liked, and watch its way of acting with you and other pets. You will find how active the kitten is, does it like to play or just to stay calm and sleep; how it reacts to you and you’re overfilling. Considering all cat qualities, you will be able to find a real friend of yours. I hope this will really help you in choosing kittens of your choice. what is your favorite cat breed?? let us know in the comments down below.

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