Can humans learn to speak Cat?

Can humans learn to speak Cat If you have a cat, you usually ask yourself a question: how could I understand my cat? To communicate with your pet, how to speak cat, you do not need to be a magician or a professor.

You just have to catch some techniques that will help you to understand your pet easily and help to speak cat or any other pets.Let us review some Cat translation techniques.

  • Talk to your cat. If you want to seem friendly, talk to your cat a bit louder, but just a bit. In case to express your displeasure talk quitter than usually you do.
  • When you are going to sleep repeat words “sleep” or “bad” if you want to let you cat know that you are going to sleep. Sometime later, your cat will go to bed with you. You could do the same way when you are going to eat or something else. Alternatively, you could repeat the word “shower” and your cat will wait for you in the washbasin or near.
  • If you want to caress your cat let it know about this by watching at cat’s eyes blinking slowly. The cat will understand it like a peaceful gesture and will ask you to caress it.
  • If you have a cat, you should be consistent. Do not caressing and expressing denial at the same time. In this way, you will get cat’s misunderstanding.
  • Use commanding voice if you want to show your cat that you are not satisfied with its acting. Your voice should be different from usual.
  • Short meowing from your cat means standard “Hello”.
  • A few meows means enthusiastic “Hello”.
  • Mid-range meowing – cat needs your attention. It wants to eat or to drink.
  • Long meowing means your cat ask you to do something. Just follow your cat and it will show you the reason.
  • If your cat clattering teeth fast, it means it is disappointed or worrying.
  • If cat hisses, in that way, it expresses an aggressive position or frightened and it would be better to leave it.

We hope this list of advice will help you to understand your kitty better and get the way to understand each other to become real friends.

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